Social Video Suite Review - Is It Work or Not?

You want to make money from your own videos but cannot make them look good? Today; my Social Video Suite Review is going to show you how to fix this!

These days, no other type of marketing method can overpass videos! With the ability to satisfy both the eyes and the ears, they are certainly more attention-grabbing. Therefore, many businesses always turn to videos despite how costly they can be.


Still, here comes the problem! Creating a professional video is easy said than done. You will need a ton of experiences from many complicated aspects as well as several high-quality video builders.

But not to worry! There is a way for you to make good videos without involving in these hassles. Its name is Social Video Suite, the latest tool from Mo Lafic, and is also what I have been using for months!

For more details, please scroll down for the rest of my honest review.


Social Video Suite Overview

Author: Mo Latif

Product: Social Video Suite

Launch Date: March 10th, 2019

Launch Time: 10:00 EST

Front-End Price: $27

Niche: Software

Sales Page: Click here!


What Is Social Video Suite?

Social Video Suite is a brand new video builder that enables you to create appealing clips using PowerPoint. Since this is a familiar application to every computer user, I believe everyone will get used to the tool’s system just fine.

Since Social Video Suite can integrate with a well-known computer asset, it is very newbie-friendly. The templates provided can be easily edited within minutes simply by the act of clicking and dragging. The way I see it, this is definitely a nice way to get away from the hard work and still secure the profits!


About Author

Mo Latif is a well-known vendor on Jvzoo – the infamous eCommerce store for digital products. With dozens of credible launches here, he has already earned himself the top position of many leaderboards as well as lots of supporters. 

By the look of Latif’s prior successes, I believe that Social Video Suite will become a hit video builder soon.

Unique Social Video Suite Features Listed and Benefits


Social Video Suite enables you to create unique videos with an application you must be familiar with: PowerPoint! It comes with a range of ready-to-go templates so all you need to do is to change them to your liking.

In my opinion, they all look pretty cool. I think that they must have been created by top designers with in-depth experience. The color arrangements are eye-catching, and the animations are very interesting. I think you will like it!


Since you will use PowerPoint to create your video, customizing it will also be a piece of cake. All you have to do is to put everything in place with the mouse in your hand!


Of course, you can always add your own images, texts, slogan, or even short clips into the templates. In other words, when your video is finished, it will be 100% unique, thus increasing your chance of getting more customers.


How Does It Work?

In order to make impressive PowerPoint videos using Social Video Suite, you will only have to fulfill three simple tasks.

  • First: Download your favorite templates
  • Second: Customize it to your liking (add your images, texts, website names)
  • Finally: Sell it or use it in your own campaign!

You still have some doubts and want to see the result before making the last decision? In that case, check out this brief sample video!


Who Should Use It?

I will be honest with you. Social Video Suite is not suitable for professional video creators! 

It comes with newbie-friendly features that can easily integrate with PowerPoint, so everything about it will be as simple as possible. Though the results are highly-converting, I do not think they are enough to meet the experts’ demands.


Then, who are Social Video Suite ‘s target users? Isn’t it obvious? The ones wanting some extra sources of money but do not really want to focus on it since it is not their main priority!

As for your niche, well, it does not matter. If you believe you belong to the group mentioned above and need some good videos, this is the ideal tool for you.


Social Video Suite Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Require no specific knowledge
  • Simple interface
  • No complicated software required
  • Build videos using PowerPoint
  • Customize your videos with one click
  • Stunning templates
  • Boost sales and traffic


  • The video styles follow that of the templates so they’re limited
  • Cannot make overcomplicated videos

Price and Evaluation

Now that you have known what Social Video Suite can do, let’s move on to another important subject: its price.

As the prior part has mentioned, in exchange for this video builder, you will need to pay $27. I think this is quite reasonable since there are not many available tools that let you make appealing videos with PowerPoint.


I know that everything is already set in place and there is not much you can change, which cannot be compared to the features of an advanced tool. Still, I think that it is still worth a shot. After all, what you need is a profitable video, right? Then why must take the complicated way while there is a much easier one right here?



As you have already seen, Social Video Suite will help you create unique videos with nothing more than an application every computer has. Therefore, it can save not only your time but also your budget.

In term of the features, I believe that the tool offers you precisely what you need. Admit it, if you came to this article, you had no intention of mastering video building in the first place! You just need a mean to grab more customers and profits, am I right?


Then, is Social Video Suite not perfect for this job? With it, you can get breath-taking videos by doing nothing more than putting the essential items in places. In short, it gives you what you want regardless of your personal experience in specific aspects!

Are you convinced that Social Video Suite is going to benefit your business? Then what are you waiting for? Go and get it now!

Lastly, thank you for reading my Social Video Suite Review.

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